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Mobile Detailing Services and Prices

Maintenance Detail is our package for maintained vehicles that need just a little extra cleaning! This is available for both cars, SUV’s and trucks.

Car/Crossover $100. SUV/Truck $150 


Generally takes about 1-2 hours 

- Exterior Scratch Free 2 Bucket Hand Wash & Dry 

- Interior & Exterior Windows 

- 6 Month Paint Sealant 

- Door Jambs 

- Tire Cleaning & Shine

- Agitation Vacuum & Compressed Air Blow Out 

- All Interior Surfaces Agitated & Wiped Down 

Add on's 

Can't see at night? You might need a headlight restoration!  


Generally takes about 1hours 

- Sand Off Any Old Clear Coat 
-Compound of Sanding Marks 
-Polish Both Headlights to Remove Haze & Give Shine 
-Re Apply Clear Coat to Headlights 
- Apply Ceramic for Protection

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