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To better serve you when you contact us for a quote we are able to assess your vehicles needs and will be able to give you a full consult on our pricing. Basic packages can be confusing and can leave out important details on what is included. Our goal is to save you money while we deliver a high level of service. We have included price ranges to give you a better idea of costs. Items that can effect pricing could include pet hair, size of vehicle, third row seating and heavy stains. 

Another thing to keep in mind is our process we are not a "quick stop detail center" that knocks out vehicles in a matter of minutes. We take the time to catch every detail on your vehicle and doing so safely. For Example we do not simply spray your car down and call it good. Here is our car wash process to give you a better idea. First we rinse down the vehicle and degrease the wheels and tires. We then snow foam the vehicle allowing the dirt and particles to run off the vehicle to prevent scratching. While we do this we take soft bristled brushes to clean up window seams, emblems, and crevices that wash mitts cant reach. Next rinse the snow foam off the car clearing a safe way for our two bucket method wash process. After using the two bucket method and hand washing the car we then rinse one more time. Finally we follow up with a silk lined microfiber towel dry and blow out leaking crevices to ensure no water run off while driving.

NOTE: These Ranges are just a basic rough idea of what your vehicle could cost. A full price will be quoted after consultation over phone and possibly sight of vehicles condition.The more work done to the vehicles the more its is gonna cost. For multiple vehicles booked we offer a 10% Discount.

Vehicle pricing

Vehicle (Exterior only) Detailing
Small vehicles $40-550 
Suv's/Trucks $50-800

Vehicle (Interior only) Detailing
Small Vehicles $70-220 
Suv's/Trucks $100-300

Other Detailing services

Boat detailing (per foot)

Call for quote.

We offer a basic detail price and a premium detail price and it's all based on the size of boat. We offer polishing/compounding.

Wax. Wash. Full interior. 

RV Detailing (per foot)

Call for quote.

We offer a basic detail price and a premium detail price and it's all based on the size of boat. We offer Wax. Wash. Full interior.

Full Vehicle Detailing

Full Vehicles
Small vehicles $110-800 
Suv's/Trucks $150-1000

Premium Auto Detailing

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