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We Provide OUTSTANDING Mobile Detailing Services 
serving Denver, Lakewood, and the Surrounding Areas

Mobile Detailing colorado

Our Mobile Detailing Service comes to you!

SERVICE AREAS : Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Cherry creek, Roxborough, Golden, Parker, Stapleton, Englewood, Centennial.

Mobile Detailing colorado

Welcome to Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing, where providing superior quality detailing services and outstanding customer satisfaction is the standard. Our company’s goal is centered on top quality mobile vehicle detailing that is convenient anytime whether at home or at your job.

Rest assured that we are completely dedicated to your satisfaction. With that we make sure to use only safe and effective products as well as tools in restoring your vehicle to its original beauty. Black Diamonds especially take pride in the precise detailing that we do.

We make sure to get every detail of your vehicle cleaned and protected precisely for your utmost satisfaction. We make that happen by using only clean contaminate free water we bring every time we do our job. In addition to that, we bring a portable power source as well.

This way, you don’t have to provide us anything and we’ll proceed to provide you with excellent detailing service. Our company provides our services to all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles, boats, RVs and more.

Call for additional service areas.

Mobile Detailing colorado


pressure washing

Safe Washing

Pressure washing / foam cannon / Hand wash full exterior safe washing methods.




Sand off old coating/ compound sanding marks/polish to perfection/Recoat surface

Engine Bay cleaning

Full agitation / shampooing / conditioning for all interior surfaces!

Paint Correction/ "buffing"

2 stage paint compound and polishing. Decontamination/iron fallout/wax/sealant


A collection of cars we've renovated with passion


How Our Mobile Auto Detailing workS

Give us a call/text/email to schedule an appointment and get a quote. Then remove all personal belongings from vehicle/including car seats and park in a spot that has space for our Detail van to park next to it. After that we will arrive and inspect the vehicles condition and explain how our Detail services will go with the condition of the vehicle. Example. If stains are left for years in carpet or fabric they are most likely going to only be 30-50 percent brought out and will still be there. Next we will start the detail services acquired. Upon completion of the detail we do a detailed walk through with the customer. After the walk through is completed we will retrieve payment and leave the customer to enjoy a freshly detailed vehicle. 

how it works



What exactly does car detailing include?

Car detailing includes thorough cleaning, polishing and protecting of all parts of a car. Both inside and out. It includes washing the exterior, waxing the paint, cleaning the wheels and tires and engine bay. It can also include extra services like vinyl wrap, clear bra, headlight restoration, ceramic coating and scratch repair.

How long does the detailing service take?

Detailing services vary depending on the type of service and the condition of the car. While our most basic package can take around 1 1/2 - 2 hours - our biggest package can take up to 4 hours.

Do I need to provide any materials or equipment?

No materials or equipment is required to be provided as we carry everything needed on our mobile vehicles 

How often should I have my car detailed?

This can vary depending on how much the vehicle is used on a daily basis. But on average to keep a vehicle clean most vehicles are maintained on a tri-weekly basis or once a month.

Can you remove scratches and dents as part of the detailing service?

Scratches can be repaired or removed as one of our services depending on how deep the scratch is embedded into the clear coat. We do not repair dents.

What kinds of products do you use in your service? Are they environmentally friendly?

We use a variety of products that are tested to be useful during our mobile services. Our products are PH neutral and diluted to not damage any part of the vehicle.


Do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple services?

We do not offer any package deals at this time but our deals and savings change throughout the year.


What are your working hours? Can I schedule a detailing service over the weekend?

Working hours are Monday - Friday 8-5pm Saturday 8-3pm Sunday 12:30-4pm

How much does it cost for a full car detailing service?

Our packages vary on vehicle size. For a sedan/crossover a full detail costs $300. For a SUV/Truck a full detail costs $400. These packages are subject to additional fees depending on the condition of the vehicle for example; dog hair, vomit remediation, odor treatment.


How do I prepare my car for detailing?

It is best to remove any personal belongings from the vehicle as well as park the vehicle in a spot where we are able to park next to it. This will help to mitigate anything important getting sucked up into the vacuums and also so we can access our equipment closer to the vehicle.

Can you detail my car at my office or at my home?

We can do both - We are a completely mobile service which allows us to detail at almost any location you have provided.

What kind of training have your detailers received? Are they insured?

All detailers have gone through extensive training and continue to work on skills each day while on and off the job. All detailers are insured.

How long in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

We offer same day appointments but it is always best to book at least 3 days in advance to ensure the days desired are available 


Do you offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee or warranty on your services?

We offer a 2 year warranty for our ceramic coating if any part of the vehicle's coating fails we reapply the coating within the 2 years. We also provide a rain guarantee if the vehicle exterior has been detailed and it rains within the same day we can schedule a re-wash cost free.

How can I maintain my car after detailing? Do you provide any aftercare advice or products?

It is best to have our company protect all surfaces of the vehicle so it will be easier to maintain after your detail. We recommend staying away from brush touch washes and only using touchless car washes, as touch washes can damage the paint and strip any protection that has been applied to your car. It is also recommended to apply a wax or sealant every so often to maintain the vehicle's paint work. 


Can you provide references or examples of your previous work?

Our social media accounts and our website showcases images and videos of our previous work.


Do you provide services for unique or high-end vehicles?

We have specific packages for luxury and exotic vehicles as well as provide extra services like; vinyl color change, paint correction and ceramic coating.

What is the difference between a car wash and a detailing service?

A car wash is a 5 minute basic cleaning of the exterior of a vehicle. While a detailing service is a more thorough cleaning that not only ensures no damage to the vehicle but protects and provides high gloss shine and touches detailed areas.

Do you provide interior detailing as well? What does it include?

We do provide interior cleanings, which includes; shampooing of cloth fabric and carpet material, leather treatment and conditioner, spot cleaning headliner, blowing compressed air through creviced areas and under seats and deep agitation on all interior services.


Can you remove pet hair or heavy stains from the interior?

We can remove pet hair but it can be one of our longer services provided. Stains vary depending the type of stain it is, how long it's been there and what type of material it is in. While we can remove stains we do not guarantee all stains will come out.

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Valery Thompson

They cleaned the inside of a used car that I just purchased and they did a great job and took care not to damage the older leather while getting out the dirt that they could. I would recommend and use again. Thanks!

Janet Edmond

Black Diamond did a wonderful job on the interior. I was ashamed of how dirty and how much dog hair was in my car. Now it looks clean and brand new. You would never know a dog was ever in there.

Trina G

They were able to help me last minute so I could sell a vehicle the following day! Showed up on time, awesome communication through the process and at a great price!

Susan Zuschlag

Tim was very professional, he did an excellent job detailing my vehicle. My older car looks brand new again. I will recommend Black Diamond to family and friends.

mobile auto detailing Colorado

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