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Arranged for a first time wash & wax in my driveway yesterday and these guys arrived on time and ready to go. An hour and a half later my vintage car was absolutely immaculate. I've gotten worse results for twice the money AND I didn't have to leave my house. Tim is a beast and as long as he's providing this level of service, I'll never let anyone else work on it again

Benjamin Stakely

I don't know how they did, nor do I want to know, but they somehow managed to get ALL of the dog hair out of my carpets. These guys made the process not only professional, but easy and affordable. Thanks a ton Black Diamonds

Chris Faller

Awesome job, Tim came to my office to do some detailing, I was able to squeeze my car in. Quick, budget friendly, and very professional. I'll be getting my car done by Black Diamond from now on.

Vasiliy Goussarov

Black Diamond came to my office and cleaned my car after it had been through a lot of outdoor music festivals. Will use again.

Matt Matsuda

​I love this company I use them at least once a month. I have two different cars I have them do. They're prices are completely fair because the job they do is amazing. I use to go to a detailer which was super inconvenient to drive somewhere and drop my car off. The nice thing about Black diamonds is that they come to me and they're always on time. I have had them come to my house and my job. They are always smiling and so nice. They do everything thing I want plus more. I would never go anywhere else for my details. I have recommended them to so many people. Cool thing about that is they always give me $10 off my next wash when someone makes and appointment.

Alberta Martinez

​Timely. Patient. Kind. Hard working. Did a great job! Highly recommend


Amazing wash! Well worth the price.

Anna Lambiotte

​I've never had my car cleaner. Tim shows up on time and really takes pride in what he does, it shows in his work. After he's done with my car it looks and smells like it just rolled off the lot.Not to mention the fact that he comes to my house to do it and I don't have to take time out of my day to drive to a dealership and wait for my car to be done.I'm a loyal customer to black diamonds mobile detailing.

Julia Martinez

I don't have much time to clean my car and with my kids and grandkids my car could use some TLC! That's exactly what I got from Black Diamonds mobile detailing! Very professional and courteous. Definitely took the time to do a "Great" job! Thanks Guys! Will definitely use them again

Laurel Lau

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This is the second time using Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing and the first for our daily driver. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs and something had to be done to reclaim our space. Black Diamonds helped us do just that. The car looks like it did when we first got it back in 2020. I appreciate the attention to detail and I appreciate the great communication throughout getting our interior service completed over 2 days due to inclement weather. 10/10 would recommend and we will be using again. Thank you Tim and thank you Harper. You were both amazing.

Trevor Moss

Very pleased with thoroughness of the detailing. Tim and his assistant were quick, thorough, friendly and considerate. Kept me updated on their arrival time as well.

Ed Lewandowski

Very thorough, great clean! I got the maintenance detail and added steam cleaning and it came out cleaner than full details from some other companies. Fast, professional, flexible, and they come with everything they need. Highly recommended.

Nick DeRobertis

Engine bay looks amazing, like a totally brand new car. Really the whole thing. Usually I just get a car detailed before selling it, but my wife and I did this for each other and it’s like we have new cars.

Adrian Adamson

Tim and his crew were on time and did a great job cleaning the interior. Highly recommend.

Roxanne Esquibel

Why choose us?

Your car is your asset which when really cared can last for a quite a long time. Vehicles are, after all, made to run for several years. But after years of use and without proper maintenance as well as detailing, the vehicle that should run for a long time looks aged and worn down.

But why must you go for an aged looking car? Why when you can have it look new again? That is what we at Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing are here to provide our services for. Black Diamonds dedicates our years of experience being a forerunner in mobile professional home/job service detailing to make your vehicle look brand new again.

For years now, Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing has invested in constantly improving our quality of work.  We have frequently provided our expertise in car detailing and throughout have consistently produced the best results.

We make that happen through our complete understanding that every vehicle is different. With that, we are able to come up with solutions that are personalized to your vehicle’s needs. In addition to that, our installers and staff all have sharpened skills and experiences working with different car dealers.

This allowed us to provide you with custom programs planned for every individual vehicle. At the same time, our detailers can provide you with valuable advice on properly maintaining your car. Our dedication to your satisfaction is at the pinnacle of our concerns and with that you can have peace of mind that we’re always going to do the best for you.

From the right tools and safe products to expert detailers, we have every aspect of quality detailing service that you are looking for. Rest assured that your vehicle can receive the kind of treatment it truly deserves. Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing has always been at the forefront of exceptional service and comfort.

So when you need to car detailing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Any time, whether at home or at your job, our mobile service is ready to serve you.

How It Works

Love your car? If you do, then every drive must be something memorable or emotional for you. It simply is a great feeling to sit behind the wheel and somehow have control of where you want to go, right? It’s a great feeling but being on the road, you realize that every turn poses a risk for disaster. Your car’s exterior is especially the one that gets the brunt of it.

Hands-On Detailing Experience

With road salt, debris, construction, loose gravel and a lot of other road hazards, the well-being of your car is always at risk. Don’t lose heart, however, because we are here to provide you superior quality exterior detailing solutions that will get your car to look brand new yet again. What our vehicle detailing service entails is a quality, hands-on experience with cleaning your car from bumper to bumper and top to bottom.

Experienced & Skilled Detailers

How can we satisfy you? We can by providing you a service that is more a car wash.  Our exterior detailing is conducted by highly trained experts. They will remove all the dirt, scratches and residue that the road has inflicted onto your car in no time. With that they will be able to renew the luster of your vehicle that has been lost after years of use.

Renews Your Vehicle in Short Period of Time 

Black Diamond Mobile Detailing is able to make your car looking brand new a reality in only a short amount of time. Using safe and effective products we can roll the worn out years off the appearance of your vehicle. Your car will look just like the way it did when you first lay your eyes on it in the showroom. Our tested and proven detailing solutions can all make that possible.

Industry-Leading Products

Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing provides detailing solution that uses wide range of effective and industrial-grade products. These are products that have all been designed to fit your car’s needs including. They included products for fabric protection, leather conditioning, germ defender and a lot others.

Interior Detailing Service

We don’t only focus on exterior but interior detailing as well. We especially take pride in our anti-bacterial interior car detailing which effectively cleans and disinfects your car’s interior. With us, it is possible to restore and reignite your vehicle’s surface yet again. We take special care in servicing the interior of your car especially we know how delicate they can be. Know that when it comes to interior detailing, Black Diamonds Mobile Detailing has got the best for you.

Contact Us for Quote

Every driving experience is unique to each other. But rest assured that we have the answer to exactly what you need. Needs professional car detailing service? Don’t hesitate to contact us now for a quote and get more information on any of our detailing solutions. Browse through our site and learn more of what we can offer you.

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